About Think Christianity

Bringing Christian thought to life...

Think Christianity is a not-for-profit Christian ministry based in Australia. Our mission involves commending the Christian belief system to audiences throughout the world, on the basis that it is credible and true. Instead of being vague, boring and irrelevant, Christianity offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of ourselves and our world, with deep meaning and significance for our lives.  So not only is it intellectually satisfying, it's also exciting and transformational — something really worth thinking about!

With Christians, we promote an understanding of our faith at a more intelligent and meaningful level, so that we are better able to articulate and apply it (both of which are our responsibilities).  It is important for us to be good ambassadors for Christ, living lives that are consistent with our beliefs. It is also important for us to be competent to respond to sincere questions about Christianity.

With others, we communicate the Christian worldview in an intelligent and coherent way, showing respect for sincere doubts and skepticism. In so doing, we aim to clarify the unique claims of Christianity so that they may be properly evaluated in the right contexts, and to demonstrate how Christianity is distinct and challenging to alternative views.

Think Christianity is dedicated to presenting a clear and articulate understanding of the Christian faith. We will challenge you to think clearly about very important questions. Together, we will investigate the implications of the answers, and help you to formulate appropriate responses that are relevant to your life.